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Heirloom recipes crafted 160 years ago by one of America's first Pitmasters.

Old Arthur's
Old Arthur's

crafted by one of America's first Pitmasters

Old Arthur’s is authentically original barbecue.  Our award-winning recipes date back to around 1850.  These recipes which predate the US Civil War, continue to win Honors well into our third century!

Arthur Watts began crafting these recipes as a teen, continually refining them until near the time of his death at the incredible age of 108!

Experience the exceptionally rich and robust flavors of his sauces and rubs. Know that these unequalled flavors are the result a single Pit Master’s Concentrated effort over the course of a nearly a Century!

Taste Old Arthur’s to discover for yourself!

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Our Legacy

Arthur’s introduction to open pit barbecuing began around the age of 6 as a slave. In his teens he began crafting unique recipes, which he later carried with him out of bondage. As a free man he meticulously refined these recipes until his death at 108 years. We believe that no single human being has ever put as much concentrated effort into refining a recipe, and we are proud to be able to share this vital piece of history for your pleasure.

Old Arthur's

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the award-winning barbecue experience, unique to the legacy of flavors guarded by the family and handed down by generations over 160 years. Recipes which Arthur Watts first developed as a slave, brought out of bondage, and unrelentingly refined until his death at 108 years.