Eudell Watts IV, Profiled on – Discussing the motivation behind bringing Old Arthur’s to life!

Eudell Watts IV – Founder of Old Arthur’s Barbecue | Food Entrepreneur | 5th Generation Pitmaster (

Portrait of Eudell Watts IV of Old Arthur’s Barbecue company on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. Watts makes sauces and rubs based on a 160-year-old recipe from Arthur Watts, the family patriarch, who was born into slavery. Photograph taken at Backyard Barbecue Store in Wilmette, where the product is sold. (Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune)

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  1. Richard Cannon on April 15, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    My wife and I are KCBS judges. We’ve tasted many sauce styles, many with a base from a company I won’t mention. Most pro teams use this base for their sauce. I decided to order your gift pack with both sauces and the six rubs. We like three of your rubs we use for all types of cooking. However, your sauces are “killer”! That means it’s crazy good!! It reminds me personally of sauces I would find when I was a young man. I wish I had learned of Old Arthur years ago. We will continue to use your products until……well lets just say, hopefully for a long time. Thank you!!